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Table 1 Calcium score interpretation

From: Use of ivabradine and atorvastatin in emergent orthopedic lower limb surgery and computed tomography coronary plaque imaging and novel biomarkers of cardiovascular stress and lipid metabolism for the study and prevention of perioperative myocardial infarction: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Translation of calcium score
Calcium score Implication Risk of coronary artery disease
0 No identifiable plaque Very low, generally less than 5%
1 – 10 Minimal identifiable plaque Very unlikely, less than 10%
11 – 100 Definite, at least mild atherosclerotic plaque Mild or minimal coronary narrowings likely
101 – 400 Definite, at least moderate atherosclerotic plaque Mild coronary artery disease highly likely, significant narrowings possible
401 or higher Extensive atherosclerotic plaque High likelihood of at least one significant coronary narrowing