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Table 2 GermanIMPACT outcome measures, instruments, and times of assessment

From: Collaborative treatment of late-life depression in primary care (GermanIMPACT): study protocol of a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Month 0   6   12*
Time of assessment t0   t1   t2
Primary outcome      
 Depression (PHQ-9) X   X   X
Secondary outcomes      
 Sociodemographic data X partial partial
 Comorbidity (CDI, modified**) X    X
 Anxiety (GAD-7) X   X   X
 Pain (CPG, modified**) X   X   X
 Resource utilization (FIMA) X   X   X
 Preference-based quality of life (EQ-5D) X   X   X
 Resilience (RS-13) X   X   X
 Depression-related behavior (Ludman et al. [44], modified**) X   X   X
 Problem-solving skills X   X   X
 Current life situation X   X   X
Intervention group only      
 Evaluation of intervention    X
 Therapy preference questionnaire X   
 Depression (PHQ-9) - additional measures each session each session
  1. *Primary time of assessment (t 2 ) after intervention.
  2. **Linguistic and culture-specific modifications
  3. Abbreviations: PHQ-9, the Patient Health Questionnaire; CDI, the Comorbidity Disease Index; GAD-7, the seven-item Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale; CPG, the Graded Chronic Pain Scale; FIMA, Fragebogen zur Inanspruchnahme medizinischer und nicht-medizinischer Versorgungsleistungen im Alter; EQ-5D, EuroQol Group; RS-13, the 13-item Resilience Scale.