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Table 3 Components of the intervention and educational strategy for the implementation of interventions in both groups

From: Effect evaluation of two types of dementia-specific case conferences in German nursing homes (FallDem) using a stepped-wedge design: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Components of intervention and implementation Content Participants Duration
Components of the intervention I. Training in performing case conferences Aim and structure of CCs, NDB model, communication rules, use of IdA (only in the IdA intervention group) Unit leaders, manager of the nursing home and members of care teams Half a day
II. Case conferences with support (training on the job) Conducting CCs supported by the experts; the experts assist the moderator, are involved in the discussions, and provide advice Members of care teams and experts Minimum 2 case conferences within 3 months
III. Case conferences without support Conducting CC unaided Members of care teams Minimum 3 case conferences within 4 months
Educational strategy for the implementation I. Kick-off meetings Information concerning the project/intervention and data collection, time frame, organizational aspects Participating care team members 90 minutes
II. Training in dementia and challenging behavior Diagnosis of dementia, forms and symptoms of dementia, causes of challenging behavior and management of challenging behavior Members of care teams Half a day
III. Training in moderation of case conferences Training in moderation techniques 2 nursing staff from each unit 2 days
IV. Training in development of implementation strategy for management A steering group will be formed to develop an implementation plan Unit leaders, manager of the nursing home, moderators, project manager 2 days
V. Telephone-hotline and reminders Questions concerning the CCs and reminders via phone call to conduct CCs regularly All participants During the intervention
  1. CC, case conference; NDB, need-driven dementia-compromised behavior; IdA, innovative dementia-oriented assessment tool.