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Table 1 Assessment schedule by domain for study hypothesis

From: A multi-site single-blind clinical study to compare the effects of STAIR Narrative Therapy to treatment as usual among women with PTSD in public sector mental health settings: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Measure Domain Enrollment Baseline Sessions 1-16 Mid-treatment week 12 28-week assessment 36-week assessment 48-week assessment
Informed consent   X       
Screen   X       
Primary outcome         
CAPS PTSD Dx & Symptom Severity   X    X X X
Secondary outcomes         
IIP Interpersonal problems   X   X X X X
DERS Emotion regulation   X   X X X X
GAF Functional status   X    X X X
Baseline psychopathology         
SCID I Axis I disorders   X    X X X
SCID-II Screen Axis II disorders   X    X   
BSI General distress   X   X X X X
SF-36 Subjective health functioning   X    X X X
HSUF Recent and ongoing health service utilization   X    X X X
Treatment and treatment process         
PCL-5 PTSD self-report   X Alternate sessions X X X X
TSI-Diss Dissociation self-report   X Alternate sessions X X   
WAI Therapeutic alliance     Sessions 1 to 5 X   
TES Satisfaction with treatment and environment      X   
  1. BSI: Brief Symptom Inventory, CAPS: Clinician Administered PTSD Scale, DERS: Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scales, GAF: Global Assessment of Functioning, HSUF: Health Service Utilization Form, IIP: Inventory of Interpersonal Problems, PCL: 5 PTSD Checklist, SCID: Structured Clinical Interview for Diagnosis, TES: Treatment Experience Scale, TSI: Trauma Symptom Inventory, WAI: Working Alliance Inventory.