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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Feedback versus no feedback in improving patient outcome in group psychotherapy for eating disorders (F-EAT): protocol for a randomized clinical trial

  Clinical routine Trial specific
Inclusion criteria • Aged 18 or older • BN, BED or EDNOS is the primary diagnosis
• Body Mass Index (BMI = kg/m2) ≥ 20 • Diagnosis according to the DSM-IV
• Written informed consent
Exclusion criteria • Acute suicidal risk • Severe or non-regulated physical co-morbidity
• Psychosis
• Severe depression • Pregnancy
• Abuse of alcohol, medicine and/or narcotics up to 3 months before referral • Unable to understand Danish
• Previous participation in the current trial
• Use of cannabis once a month is accepted at intake but must stop during treatment • Considered unable to attend treatment sessions as planned
• Lack of informed consent
• Concomitant psychotherapeutic/psychiatric treatment outside Stolpegaard Psychotherapy Centre
  1. BED, binge eating disorder; BMI, Body Mass Index; BN, bulimia nervosa; EDNOS, eating disorder not otherwise specified.