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Table 3 Source and schedule of outcome, utilization, process, and other variables

From: A remote monitoring and telephone nurse coaching intervention to reduce readmissions among patients with heart failure: study protocol for the Better Effectiveness After Transition - Heart Failure (BEAT-HF) randomized controlled trial

Variable Source/Instrument Baseline 7-days 30-days 180-days
Readmission UHC, OSHPD   X X X
Hospital days UHC, OSHPD   X X X
Hospital cost UHC, OSHPD     
Emergency Dept use OSHPD   X X X
Mortality UHC, OSHPD, National Death Index   X X X
Quality of life Survey/Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire X X X X
Intervention process      
Pre-discharge education completion and comprehension Enrollment documentation notes X    
Post-discharge health coaching Call center documentation notes   * * *
Remote monitor use Daily data transmission reports   * * *
Calls triggered by remote monitoring Data transmission reports, call center documentation notes   * * *
Patient assessment of care transition Survey/Care Transition Measure-3   X   
Age Survey, UHC X    
Gender Survey, UHC X    
Race/Ethnicity Survey, UHC X    
Language Survey, language of consent X    
Household income Survey X    
Education Survey X    
Marital status Survey X    
Insurance (for example, dual Medicaid/Medicare) UHC X    
Employment Survey/Health and Work Performance Questionnaire X   X X
Health literacy Survey/REALM-R X    
Severity of illness Survey/Total Illness Burden Index X    X
Co-morbidities UHC X    
Depression Survey/Geriatric Depression Scale X X X X
Self-care behaviors Survey/Self-Care of Heart Failure Index X X X X
Social networks Survey/Lubben Social Network Scale X   X X
Informal caregiving Survey/Medical Care Questionnaire X   X X
Medication adherence Survey/Morisky Medication Adherence Scale   X X X
End-of-life wishes Survey X    
  1. *Signifies the measure is continuously available over the 180-day timeframe.
  2. UHC is University HealthSystem Consortium; OSHPD is Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development.