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Table 1 Biometric parameters, symptom questions, and alert triggers

From: A remote monitoring and telephone nurse coaching intervention to reduce readmissions among patients with heart failure: study protocol for the Better Effectiveness After Transition - Heart Failure (BEAT-HF) randomized controlled trial

Biometric parameter Urgent alert
Systolic blood pressure with symptoms SBP < 90 mm Hg or > 160 mm Hg
Systolic blood pressure without symptoms SBP < 80 mm Hg or > 170 mm Hg
Heart rate with symptoms HR < 50 or > 100
Heart rate without symptoms HR < 40 or > 110
Weight with symptoms Daily gain > 3 lbs or weekly gain > 6 lbs
Symptom questions – Group 1  
Have you felt more short of breath in the last day? Yes
Have you noticed more swelling in the last day? Yes
Have you had any light-headedness or dizziness in the last day? Yes
Symptom questions – Group 2  
Did you wake up short of breath last night? Yes
Did you sleep in a chair or propped up with pillows, more than usual last night? Yes
Compared to yesterday, would you say you are feeling about the same, better, worse, or much worse? Much worse
  1. ‘With symptoms’ is determined based on responses to symptom questions, or ascertained in telephone conversation with the patient.