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Table 1 Content of parents’ and children’s parallel groups for Families for Health (V2)

From: Evaluation of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Families for Health V2 for the treatment of childhood obesity: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Week Parents’ program Children’s program
1 Let’s get started Let’s get started
What is health? Why be healthy?
Balancing act 1: energy in, energy out Balancing act 1: energy in, energy out
Let’s look after ourselves
2 Balancing acts Balancing acts
Discipline (including setting limits and praise) Balancing act 2: what our bodies need to eat
Balancing act 2: food our bodies need The gift of praise
3 Inner power – our ally for health Inner power – our health helper
Family guidelines and rewards Our inner power
Finding our power for health (focus on physical activity) Let’s get active
  Introducing the pedometer
4 The question of choice Our choices
Our eating habits Making strong choices
Children’s choices Let’s go shopping
5 Health is a family affair Liking ourselves
How much we eat (portion sizes) Glad to be me
Building self-esteem Let’s make a rainbow (of fruit & veg)
6 Feelings – a guide to our emotional health Getting to know our feelings
Thinking about feelings Feeling up, feeling down
Active alternatives to staring at the screen Screen savers: what else we can do
7 Solutions to stress Time to chill out
Stress – and what we can do about it What winds us up
Coming to our senses What calms us down
Surviving at the supermarket Activity taster
8 A world of labels Food detectives
Food labels: what do they mean? What’s on the label?
Labeling our children Activity taster
9 Taking charge Living healthily
From problem to solution Problems, puzzles and solutions
A healthy lifestyle or a life of diets? Activity taster
Meeting the challenge of special occasions  
10 A healthy family future (combined session with parents)
Scaling the ladder to health  
We are stars!  
  Family party: time to celebrate