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Table 2 Example mobile text messages framed according to gender and the processes-of-change consciousness raising and counter-conditioning

From: ‘TXT2BFiT’ a mobile phone-based healthy lifestyle program for preventing unhealthy weight gain in young adults: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Process-of-change Gender Fruit and vegetables Physical activity Sugar-sweetened beverages Energy dense take-away meals
Consciousness raising Males Fruit & Veg R high in fiber 2 keep U full & R low in fat. Stay Fit, without going hungry. Chicken breast & salad roll no butter (only 6 g Fat). FACT: Physical activity improves mental alertness, reduces stress & depression & keeps U feeling energized. Plan 30mins of activity 4 tomorrow. FACT: Sugary drinks give us a fast hit of energy. But just 1 hr after a sugary drink ur blood sugar levels drop affecting physical & mental performance. FACT: Eating takeaway more than twice a week increases ur risk of gaining body fat & abdominal obesity (beer belly). TXT how many times a week U have takeaway.
  Females FACT: Including Fruit & Veg makes it much easier 2 achieve & maintain a healthy weight. TXT how many Fruit & Veg U usually eat a day. FACT: Women carrying excess weight R @ HIGH risk 4 further weight gain. Being active will STOP this weight gain. TXT the mins of activity U do in a week. FACT: Sugary drinks give us a rush of energy from all the kilojoules. But just 1 hr after a sugary drink ur blood sugar levels drop causing U 2 feel tired & low. FACT: Many takeaways contain over 1/2 ur daily kilojoules (kJ) needs. Check the kJ of ur meals: eTIYP mobile app @
Counter-conditioning Males Home late? U need an emergency kit: Pantry (tin corn, tomatoes, baked beans, tuna). Freezer (grainy bread, packet mixed Veg). Fridge (low fat cheese, eggs). How many hrs do U spend online? Use ur mobile so U can walk while on the net. Avoid sitting by using stairs, walk don’t drive, cycle 2 work/study :-) Do U use sugary drinks as a mixer 4 alcohol? U don’t have 2 miss out, just choose a diet (sugar free) drink as ur mixer. THAI TIP: Avoid those fatty entrees. Try a hot chicken/beef/tofu salad with rice. Visit 4 more takeaway tips :-)
  Females Always eating breakfast on the go? Choose a breakfast cereal with >5 g fibre/100 g & <20 g sugar/100 g, top with banana, strawberries & skim/low fat milk. Eaten 2 much? Walk it off. 30mins tomorrow morning. Next time use a smaller plate, eat earlier & walk after. TXT ‘OK’ if U read this. Craving guilt free enjoyment? Quench ur thirst with water. Add a twist of lemon 4 a hit of VitaminC. Leave the lemon in your bottle & fill up 4 FREE. Planning takeout & TV tonight? Walk 2 the shops instead: frozen stir-fry vegies, beef OR tofu, soy sauce, garlic & rice.