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Table 1 Data collection at baseline and follow-up

From: The effect of IPS-modified, an early intervention for people with mood and anxiety disorders: study protocol for a randomised clinical superiority trial

Source of collection Assessment Baseline 12 months follow-up 24 months follow-up
Interview Hamilton Depression Scale (HAM-D6) x x x
  Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A6) x x x
  Bech-Rafaelsen Mania Scale (MAS) x x x
  Personal and Social Perfomance scale (PSP) x x x
  Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) x x x
  Suicidal ideation x x x
Self report Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS) x x x
  Quality of life (WHO-5) x x x
  Empowerment Scale x x x
  Changes Questionnaire x x x
  Client Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ) x x x
  Health-related quality of life EQ-5D (EuroQol) x x x
Hospital records Number of hospital admissions   x x
  Length of hospital admissions   x x
  Use of outpatient services   x x
  Death (all causes)   x x
  Suicide   x x
Dream/interview Sociodemographic information x x x
Dream Labour market affiliation x x x
Dream/interview Civil status x x x
DPCR First contact with mental health care x   
Dream/interview Children x x x
Dream/interview Education x x x
Dream/interview Cohabitation status x x x
DPCR Use of mental health service   x x
Dream Number of sick days   x x
Dream Use of social benefits   x x
Self report Treatment and use of other service from the social and healthcare sector   x  
Self report Service provided by Sherpa   x  
  1. DPCR, The Danish Psychiatric Case Register.