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Table 1 The innovative elements of the Coach2Move strategy

From: Physiotherapy to improve physical activity in community-dwelling older adults with mobility problems (Coach2Move): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

The innovative elements of the Coach2Move strategy
1 Use of motivational interviewing: exploring questions for help and barriers and facilitators in relation to physical activity.
2 Use of an algorithm (HOAC-II*a) that emphasizes an extensive intake and supports clinical reasoning in order to set priorities.
3 Shared decision making on meaningful treatment goals to increase physical activity.
4 Coaching on self-management to increase long-term results.
5 Focusing on meaningful activities at home with help from family, friends or professionals.
6 Working according to three patient-tailored intervention profiles with a predefined number of sessions.
  1. aHOAC, Hypothesis Oriented Algorithm for Clinicians.