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Table 1 Outcome measures and methods of analysis

From: MObile Technology for Improved Family Planning Services (MOTIF): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Outcome Outcome measure Method of analysis
1. Primary   
Use of an effective modern method of contraception at 4 months Self-report (binary) Chi-squared test
Objectivea (binary)
2. Secondary   
Pregnancy Self-report (binary) (0, 1 or more) Chi-squared test
Urine pregnancy testa (binary)
Repeat abortion Self-report (binary) (0, 1 or more) Chi-squared test
Effective modern contraception use over 4-month period Self-report (binary) (<80%, >80%) Chi-squared test
Contraceptive discontinuation Discontinuation after starting contraceptive method (time to event) Kaplan-Meier survival analysis
Involvement in road traffic accident Self-report (binary) Chi-squared test
Domestic abuse Self-report (binary) Chi-squared test
3. Sensitivity and per-protocol analysis   
Participants that completed follow-up All outcomes Chi-squared/T-test/logistic and linear regression
Clustering among participants from one clinic   
Per-protocol analysis   
4. Sub-group analysis All outcomes  
Urban versus rural residence   Logistic/linear regression
Level of education   
Socioeconomic status   
  1. Follow-up at 4 months for all participants will comprise a telephone interview conducted by a research assistant.
  2. aApproximately 50 participants from one clinic will be requested to attend for face-to-face follow-up for objective measurement of contraceptive outcomes.