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Table 3 CT-scan, echocardiographic and surgical measurements

From: Comparison between three types of stented pericardial aortic valves (Trivalve trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Preoperative data Operative data Day 7 data Month 6 data
Native aortic annulus (mm) X    
Ascending aorta diameter (mm) X    
LVTS (mm) X   X X
LVTD (mm) X   X X
LVPWT (mm) X   X X
IVST (mm) X   X X
LVSF (%) X   X X
LVEF (%) X   X X
Pulmonary arterial pressure X   X X
Cardiac output (L/min-1) X   X X
Cardiac index (L/min-1/m-2) X   X X
Mean transvalvular gradient (mmHg) X   X X
Maximal transvalvular gradient (mmHg) X   X X
Aortic orifice area (m2) X   X X
Aortic regurgitation degree (0–4) X   X X
Paravalvular leak    X X
Internal aortic annulus diameter (mm)   X   
Estimated valve diameter (mm)   X   
Implanted valve diameter (mm)   X   
  1. IVST: inter ventricular septum thickness, LVEF: left ventricular ejection fraction, LVPWT: left ventricle posterior wall thickness, LVSF: left ventricular shortening fraction, LVTD: left ventricle tele diastolic diameter, LVTS: left ventricle tele systolic diameter.