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Table 1 Summary of outcome measures

From: Protocol for the New Medicine Service Study: a randomized controlled trial and economic evaluation with qualitative appraisal comparing the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the New Medicine Service in community pharmacies in England

Outcome measure Time point recorded Method of recording
Health status 0 weeks Questionnaire
EuroQol-5 dimension-3 6 weeks
Level instrument 10 weeks
(EQ-5D-3 L) 26 weeks
Adherence 6 weeks Questionnaire
Morisky’s medication 10 weeks  
Adherence scale 8-item version (MMAS-8) 26 weeks
Adherence 6 weeks Questionnaire
Visual analogs scale 10 weeks
(VAS) 26 weeks
Adherence 6 weeks Telephone interview
NMS service question 10 weeks
  26 weeks
Medicines 6 weeks Questionnaire
Understanding 10 weeks
Beliefs About Medicines Questionnaire (BMQ) 26 weeks
Consultation satisfaction 6 weeks Questionnaire
Medical interview satisfaction scale-15
Health resource use 0 to 26 weeks inclusive Self-completed diary