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Table 5 Detection rates for new cases of dementia pre/post-intervention period by randomization arm

From: Tailored educational intervention for primary care to improve the management of dementia: the EVIDEM-ED cluster randomized controlled trial

Period Rates Intervention practices Control practices
Preintervention period Combined 1.12% 0.63%
Minimum 0.17% 0%
Maximum 3.45% 4.4%
Postintervention period Combined 0.74% 0.50%
Minimum 0% 0%
Maximum 1.06% 4.1%
  1. Case detection rates were unaffected by the intervention. The estimated incidence rate ratio (IRR) for the intervention versus the control group from the multilevel Poisson regression modeling was 1.03; the P value was 0.927 with 95% confidence intervals 0.57, 1.86.