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Table 1 Overview of measures

From: The effectiveness of a suicide prevention app for indigenous Australian youths: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Variable Test measure Screener Brief assessment Baseline Within app Post-test Follow-up
Screener, part 1 Questions X      
Psychological distress K10 X   X   X X
Depression PHQ-9 X X X   X X
Suicide intent 5 questions X      
Demographics Questions    X    
Mental health service utilization Client Service Receipt Inventory    X    
Impulsivity BIS-11    X   X X
Suicidal ideation DSI-SS    X   X X
Suicidal ideation and plan 2 questions     X   
  1. BIS-11, Barratt Impulsivity Scale; DSI-SS, Depressive Symptom Inventory – Suicidality Subscale; K10, Kessler Psychological Distress Scale; PHQ-9, Patient Health Questionnaire 9.