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Table 1 Exclusion criteria

From: Adolescent depressive disorders and family based interventions in the family options multicenter evaluation: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Individual exclusions Family exclusions
aMania, hypomania, or bipolar disorder A current child protection investigation
An intellectual disability or a severe mental illness requiring inpatient treatment or otherwise impairing their ability to participate in a group program The young person is unwilling to undertake the minimum requirements for entry to the study including completion of the consent form, telephone KID-SCID interview, and the baseline questionnaire
An inability to understand spoken English The young person is currently pregnant
The parents indicate they are unable to participate fully in the program, including attendance at group sessions one evening per week for eight weeks and completing all questionnaires Insufficient address for follow-up or unwillingness to be followed-up
aPsychosis or psychotic disorders, including drug induced psychosis The young person is currently fully engaged and regularly attending a treatment service for their mental health problems which the family considers are adequately addressing their mental health needs
Pervasive developmental disorder, including autism but not including Asperger’s syndrome  
aDrug dependence, with the exception of alcohol, nicotine or cannabis  
  1. Notes: a A history of these criteria does not exclude parents/caregivers from the study provided they have been asymptomatic/stable for several months.