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Table 3 Traditional exercise intervention (developed from simplified tai chi and yi jinjing)

From: Rehabilitation for the management of knee osteoarthritis using comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine in community health centers: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Phase Description and progression
Phase 1: foot and heel jolt (i) Stand at attention, heel lift up and look forward for 10 seconds
(ii) Move the heel back down, tap the ground slightly and keep looking forward
Phase 2: rotate knee (i) Stand at attention, slightly bend knees, put hands on the ipsilateral knees and look forward
(ii) Circular movement of knee
Phase 3: heel kick (i) Lie down with leg bent and hands lying naturally at the side of the body
(ii) Bend at the hip joint and at the knees, extend the back of the ankle for 15 seconds, kick up the heel while moving the toes toward the shin (plantar flexion) and straighten the knee as far as possible. Do this one leg at a time