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Table 1 Literature review of use of dexamethasone for PONV

From: Dexamethasone reduces emesis after major gastrointestinal surgery (DREAMS)

Author Year n Type of surgery Findings Reference
Apfel et al. 2004 5,199 Gynecological, Trauma, Abdominal, Otolaryngology Ondansetron, dexamethasone, and droperidol each reduced the risk of PONV by 26% [7]
Wallenborn et al. 2006 3,140 Gynecological, Trauma Abdominal, Otolaryngology Metoclopramide plus dexamethasone is an effective, safe and cheap way to prevent PONV [8]
Zagar-Shostari et al. 2009 60 Colorectal Dexamethasone in an enhanced recovery protocol gives a significant reduction in early postoperative fatigue, and an attenuated peritoneal cytokine response [9]
Kirdak et al. 2008 30 Colorectal Dexamethasone has no significant effect on reducing postoperative pain, inflammatory response or PONV [10]
Weren and Demeere 2008 118 Abdominal and Gynecological Steroids are mostly effective in the prevention of late PONV (rather than early). [11]
Hans et al. 2006 32 Abdominal After dexamethasone, blood glucose levels increase in both patients without diabetes and those with type 2 diabetes undergoing abdominal surgery. In patients without diabetes blood sugar levels rose to a maximum of 10 mmol / litre [12]
Coloma et al. 2001 80 Anorectal Reduction in time to ‘home readiness’ in ambulatory surgery [13]
Gautam et al. 2008 150 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Combination of ondansetron and dexamethasone is better than each drug alone [14]
Tiippana et al. 2008 160 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Dexamethasone decreased the need for opiates [15]
Bianchin et al. 2007 80 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Reduced PONV. No change in pain or time to discharge. [16]
Wang et al. 1999 90 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Dexamethasone significantly decreased the incidence of PONV [17]
Sanchez- Rodriguez et al. 2010 210 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Dexamethasone significantly reduced PONV at 0, 6, 12 hours and reduced postoperative pain and fatigue [18]
Mathiesen et al. 2009 116 Gynecological Reduced PONV. Combinations of paracetamol, pregabalin and dexamethasone did not reduce morphine consumption. [19]
Biswas et al. 2003 160 Gynecological Ondansetron plus dexamethasone is most effective in preventing PONV. Results comparable for single agents. [20]
Yursek et al. 2003 60 Gynecological Ondansetron, but not dexamethasone, prevented PONV by 3 h post operation [21]
Wang et al. 2000 90 Gynecological Dexamethasone significantly decreases the incidence of PONV [22]
McKean et al. 2006 72 Otolaryngology Significant decrease in PONV and pain scores [23]
Mathew et al. 2004 210 Pediatrics Dexamethasone is effective for the prevention of PONV after strabismus repair in children [24]
  1. PONV:postoperative nausea and vomiting.