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Table 2 Components of cost analysis

From: Impact of a novel molecular TB diagnostic system in patients at high risk of TB mortality in rural South Africa (Uchwepheshe): study protocol for a cluster randomised trial

Health service costs Patient and household costs
Direct costs associated with diagnostic services Direct costs
Fixed Transport
Building space Transport to/from clinic (patient ± carer)
Utilities Transport to/from hospital (patient ± carer)
GeneXpert machine Non-transport
Staff training Medication
Internal/external QC OPD attendance
GeneXpert calibration X-rays
Variable GP consultation
Xpert MTB/RIF tests Traditional healer consultation
Consumables (gloves, N95 masks)
Specimen transport
Staff work time (based on time analysis)
GeneXpert maintenance
Direct costs associated with medical services Indirect costs
First-line TB therapy Lost time (salary) at work (patient ± carer)
MDR-TB therapy
Hospital admission
OPD attendance
Clinic attendance