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Table 1 Acupoints for individualized treatment

From: Comparing the effects of individualized, standard, sham and no acupuncture in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: a multicenter randomized controlled trial

Distal acupoints(four) Proximal acupoints (five)
Spleen deficiency(HT8, SP2(+), LR1, SP1(-)) Three of five acupoints(SP9, ST35, EX-LE5, BL39, EX-LE2) plus two Ashi points
Kidney deficiency (LU8, KI7(+), SP3, KI3(-))
Liver deficiency (KI10, LR8(+), LU8,LR4(-))
Gallbladder deficiency (BL66, GB43(+), LI1, GB44(-))
Bladder deficiency (LI1, BL67(+), ST36, BL40(-))
Stomach deficiency (SI5, ST41(+), GB41, ST43(-))
One of the six possible meridians were selected for treatment  
  1. +/-, signifies that these points have been rotated bidirectionally to stimulate tonification (+) and sedation (-).