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Table 2 Outline of training programme

From: Action 3:30: protocol for a randomized feasibility trial of a teaching assistant led extracurricular physical activity intervention

Session Details of content
Introduction: CSLA module 1 (all CSLA modules adapted for primary school teaching assistants’ needs) General introduction to course
Introduction to communication and motivation techniques
Planning and organization of intervention session plans
CSLA modules 2 and 5 Adapted games (for 9–11 year old children)
Warm-up skills, delivering safe sessions, and how to lead sessions
FUNdamentals: agility, balance and coordination Fundamental movement skills. Basic skills that include walking, running, stopping, jumping, and catching safely
How to develop and deliver mini games for a range of activities and sports
CSLA module 1 (continued), 3, 4, 5, 7 Understanding fitness and safety
Participants design mock after-school session for children
Assessment planning for Session 5
CSLA module 7: assessment Participants to complete log books
Deliver planned session (Session 4) to children in a local school
Course evaluation and completion of paperwork
  Discussions of ‘what next’
  1. TA, teaching assistant.