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Table 1 Action 3:30 intervention components

From: Action 3:30: protocol for a randomized feasibility trial of a teaching assistant led extracurricular physical activity intervention

Component Description
25-hour TA training programme Community Sports Leader Award (tailored for teaching assistants)
FUNdamentals (Bristol City Council in-house training programme that focuses on fundamental movement skills)
Focused sessions on learning about motivation and delivery to pupils in an autonomy-supportive manner
First-aid certificate course One-day first-aid training course
Ongoing TA support One-day ‘booster’ training session for TAs, to occur after the first 10 weeks of the intervention
One visit per school by trainer to support TAs during the delivery of the sessions
Three hours of phone or email support per school from trainer
Session plans 40 one-hour session plans
Action 3:30 clubs Trained TAs run a 1-hour Action 3:30 session at the school site twice a week for 20 weeks
TAs deliver content on Action 3:30 session plans
Parental information sheets Biweekly (every four sessions); outlines activities that have been taught during the previous two weeks
  Children and parents provided with ideas of activities that the children could engage with parents, siblings or friends to reinforce activity session materials
  1. TA, teaching assistant.