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Table 1 Study enrollment criteria

From: Empiric versus imaging guided left ventricular lead placement in cardiac resynchronization therapy (ImagingCRT): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• NYHA functional class II to IV despite optimal medical treatment • Recent myocardial infarction (<3 months)
• ECG with QRS >120 ms and LBBB configuration or paced QRS >180 ms • Expected lifetime <6 months
• LV EF ≤35% • Pregnant or lactating
• Age >40 years • Inadequate echocardiographic images for determination of site with latest mechanical activation
• Written informed consent • No written informed consent
  1. Inclusion/exclusion criteria. LBBB: left bundle branch block; LV EF: left ventricular ejection fraction; NYHA: New York Heart Association [20].