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Table 2 The psycho-educational intervention: consultation guide

From: Effect of comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation after heart valve surgery (CopenHeartVR): study protocol for a randomised clinical trial

Questions Months after surgery
  1 2 3 4 5-6
Discuss the events leading to heart valve surgery. Experiences before, during and after hospital admission. x     
Address present thoughts and questions. x x x x x
How have you been? What has happened since you were here last time?   x x x x
How did you having heart valve surgery affect your life? Are there things/activities you avoid? Do you in any ways feel impaired after having heart valve surgery?   x   x x
Have you initiated exercise training? How is training going?   x x x  
Discuss social network/family. How do they handle the situation? Has anything changed in your social relationships? x x   x x
Has having heart valve surgery affected your work situation? Has it had financial consequences?     x  
Have you had a changed view/perception of your body and its functions?     x x
How is your health in relation to fatigue, dyspnea, pain, appetite, gastrointestinal function, sleep, sexual functioning, other?    x x x
Symptom handling and degree of dyspnea. x x x x x
Information/recommendations in relation to discussed issues/problems according to guidelines or if lacking to usual practice. x x x x x