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Table 1 Data collection

From: Effect of comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation after heart valve surgery (CopenHeartVR): study protocol for a randomised clinical trial

  Baseline 1 month 4 months 6 months 12 months 24 months Type of data
Marital status x       Categorical
Height, weight, body mass index x       Continuous
Medical history
History of heart disease x       Binary
Diabetes mellitus x       Binary
Kidney diseasea x       Binary
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)b x       Binary
Hypertension x       Binary
Dyslipidemiac x       Binary
Use of medication, self-reported x x x   x   Categorical
Heart valve specific questions
Type of heart valve disease x       Categorical
Type of heart valve surgery x       Categorical
NYHA classification x x x x x   Categorical
Left ventricle ejection fraction (LVEF)d x x x     Continuous
Euro SCORE IIe x       Continuous
Postsurgical complications x x      Binary
Postsurgical arrhythmiasf x x x     Binary
Pacemaker post surgery x x x     Binary
Clinical measurements
Biochemical screening x x x   x   Continuous
ECG   x x     Binary
Echocardiography   x x     Continuous
Physical testing
Six minute walk test   x x   x   Continuous
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing   x x   x   Continuous
Sit and stand test   x x   x   Continuous
Level of education x    x    Categorical
Employment status x    x    Categorical
Smoking x    x    Binary
SF-36g x x x x x x Continuous
HADS x x x x x x Continuous
QoL-CV x x x X    Continuous
EQ-5Dg x    X x x Continuous
HeartQoL x    X x x Continuous
IPAQ   x x   x x Continuous
Physical activity score x x x X x x Categorical
Emotion and Health Scale x    X    Continuous
Rehabilitation receivedh     X    Categorical
Registry data assessment
Mortality, causes of death       X Categorical
Hospitalisation       X Continuous
Emergency room visits       X Continuous
Outpatient clinic visits       X Continuous
Contact with general practitioner       X Continuous
Use of medication, register-based       X Categorical
Employment status       X Categorical
  1. aKidney disease: patient history of kidney disease.
  2. bCOPD: patient history of COPD, defined by FEV1 <70%.
  3. cDyslipidemia: total plasma cholesterol >5 mmol/L.
  4. dAt baseline: LVEF is pre surgery.
  5. eEuropean System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation includes patient-related factors, cardiac-related factors and operation-related factors to calculate the predicted operative mortality for patients undergoing cardiac surgery.
  6. fAtrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, malign arrhythmias.
  7. gEQ-5D™ is a standardised instrument for use as a measure of health outcome from the EuroQoL group. hRehabilitation received: self-reported (Würgler MW et al. Scand Jour Pub Health 2012, 40: 126 132).