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Table 4 Summary of data collection

From: Intervention description is not enough: evidence from an in-depth multiple case study on the untold role and impact of context in randomised controlled trials of seven complex interventions

  Number and nature of participants/documents Total number of data sources (interviews, focus groups and documents)
Phase 1: Single exploratory case
Interviews Thirteen longitudinal interviews with four breast care nurses: 15
  Three interviewed three times.  
  One interviewed four times.  
  Plus: one interview with a research nurse  
  And one interview with a charge nurse  
Documents Protocol, ethics application, monitoring reports x 2, final report, Minutes of meetings x 15, field notes of PI and researcher 22
Phase 2: Multiple explanatory case study
Interviews Seven principal investigators and one research assistant 8
Documents Seven trial protocols/proposals 30
  Six ethics forms  
  Five monitoring reports  
  Seven final reports  
  Five published papers  
Focus One group with three research nurses 9
groups One group with two nurse members of the ethics committee  
  One group with four PIs  
Total   84
  1. PI, principal investigator.