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Table 1 Study assessment procedures and timetable

From: Reducing inappropriate, anticholinergic and psychotropic drugs among older residents in assisted living facilities: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Assessment Comparability of wards; interview Baseline assessment Six-month assessment Twelve-month assessment
Inclusion criteria, informed consent X    
Demographics, diagnoses   X   
CDR   X   
Verbal fluency, clock-drawing test   X X X
MNA   X   
Drug use   X X X
15D QOL measure   X X X
PWB scale   X X X
RAI assessment X X X X
Falls    X X
Hospitalization, use of health and social services, mortality     X
  1. CDR, clinical dementia rating scale (Hughes et al. 1982); MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination (Folstein et al. 1972); MNA, Mini Nutritional Assessment (Guigoz et al. 2002); 15D, health-related quality of life scale (Sintonen et al. 1990); PWB, psychological well-being scale (Routasalo et al. 2009); RAI, Resident Assessment Instrument (Morris et al. 2000).