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Table 2 Clinical interventions

From: Blood volume-monitored regulation of ultrafiltration in fluid-overloaded hemodialysis patients: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  1stintervention 2ndintervention 3rdintervention 4thintervention
Cramping 20 mL NaCl (1 M)* according to doctor's order
Nausea Trendelenburg position 250 mL NaCl (0.9%) plasma expander according to doctor's order
Clinically symptomatic IDH     
Decrease in intradialytic SBP ≥40 mmHg     
Unspecified according to doctor's order    
  1. *5.85% weight/volume. IDH intradialytic hypotension, M molar, NaC1 sodium chloride, SBP systolic blood pressure.
  2. At the occurrence of symptoms, ultrafiltration is decreased and dry weight adapted, as per the study’s protocol.