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Table 6 Potential questions for future research

From: An embedded longitudinal multi-faceted qualitative evaluation of a complex cluster randomized controlled trial aiming to reduce clinically important errors in medicines management in general practice

Questions How can pharmacists (or other healthcare professionals) be integrated more efficiently into established care teams? How can multi-disciplinary collaboration be more effective?
  What other effective incentives may be viable to exploit in primary care (other than financial incentives)?
  How can audit and feedback techniques be refined to include feedback of the impact of the interventions?
  How can a more positive and close relationship between pharmacists and GPs be fostered?
  How can we design interventions that target all key players and a range of practice staff?
  Which intervention types are appropriate for which practices? Is effectiveness influenced by practice characteristics?
  How can macro issues be addressed, particularly communication issues with secondary care and nursing homes and polypharmacy?
  How exactly may the suggested community-based pharmacist model be implemented into routine care? To what extend can we allow for flexibility in this context?