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Table 3 Assessment of CONSORT checklist items using an equal proportion of abstracts per journal ( n= 35)

From: Assessment of adherence to the CONSORT statement for quality of reports on randomized controlled trial abstracts from four high-impact general medical journals

Items Assessment criteria Overall, n (%) (n = 140)
Title Study identified as randomized in title 104 (74.3)
Authors Addresses including postal and emails 107 (76.4)
Trial design Descriptions provided (parallel, factorial, crossover, etc.) 30 (21.4)
Participants Eligibility criteria with settings of data collection 101 (72.1)
Interventions Details including denomination, usage, course of treatment for both groups 133 (95.0)
Objective Specific objective/hypothesis 118 (84.3)
Outcome Clearly defined primary outcome 137 (97.9)
Randomization Reported the method of random sequence generation 42 (30.0)
  Allocation concealment 13 (9.3)
Blinding Detailed description* 29 (20.7)
Numbers randomized Number of participants randomized in each group 101 (72.1)
Numbers analyzed Number of participants analyzed for each group 97 (69.3)
Outcomes Primary outcome result for each group 115 (82.1)
Harms Adverse event or side effect reported 45 (32.1)
Conclusions Discussed benefit or harm from the intervention 31 (22.1)
Trial registration Reported registration number and name of trial register 139 (99.3)
Funding Reported the source of funding 54 (38.6)
  1. *Blinding explained between patients and caregivers, investigators, or outcome assessors.