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Table 2 Secondary endpoints within the CONTINT trial

From: Design and current status of CONTINT: continuous versus interrupted abdominal wall closure after emergency midline laparotomy - a randomized controlled multicenter trial [NCT00544583]

Secondary endpoint Definition
Length of skin incision Length of wound from the upper to the lower pole of the skin (cm) after abdominal wall closure (skin staples in place)
Length of fascia incision Length of wound from the upper to the lower pole of the fascia (cm) after closure of fascia
Time needed for fascial closure From the first stitch to the last knot (min)
Frequency of re-operation due to burst abdomen Surgical intervention indicated due to the occurrence of burst abdomen after intervention
Frequency of re-operation Any laparotomy at any time during the follow-up period
Frequency of abdominal re-interventions Any puncture of the abdominal cavity (for example, computed tomography- or ultrasound-guided drainage) at any time during the follow-up period
Postoperative pulmonary infection Infection of the lung with either evidence of increased infection parameters (C-reactive protein > 2 mg/dl and/or leukocytes > 10,0000 cells/ml) that are not caused by a different pathologic process or evidence of pulmonary infiltration in the chest X-ray, requiring antibiotic therapy. Decrease of lung function testing results (forced expiratory volume in 1 s and vital capacity) by 20% or more in comparison with the baseline lung function testing.
Duration of artificial respiration Time on the respirator postoperatively (days)
Duration of postoperative hemodialysis Time on hemodialysis (days)
Frequency of wound infection Surgical site infections within 30 days divided into superficial and deep incisional infections according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definition [14]
Duration of vacuum therapy From first placement of the sponge to removal of the sponge (days)
Duration of wound healing in patients with secondary wound healing From opening of the wound to complete skin closure (days)
Time to first bowel movement From the day of surgery until day of patient’s first bowel movement
Quality of life SF 36 filled in by the patient 30 days and 12 months after the index operation
Duration of abdominal drainage via intraoperatively placed drains From the day of surgery until the day of removal of the last intraoperatively placed drain (days)
Duration of closed abdominal lavage From the day of surgery until the last day of closed abdominal lavage via the intraoperatively placed drains (days)
Postoperative duration of hospital stay From the day of the operation until the day of discharge (days)
Postoperative duration of intensive care unit stay Time from admission to the intensive care unit until transfer to the regular ward (days)
Mortality Death due to any cause at any time during the follow-up period