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Table 1 Course of examinations during the CONTINT trial

From: Design and current status of CONTINT: continuous versus interrupted abdominal wall closure after emergency midline laparotomy - a randomized controlled multicenter trial [NCT00544583]

Visit 1 (Screening) 2 (Operation) 3 (Day of discharge) 4 (30 days post operation) 5 (12 ± 1 months post operation)
Demographicsa and baseline clinical datab X X    
Eligibility criteria X X    
Randomization, surgical intervention   X    
Clinical visit/telephone interviewc    X X X
Quality of lifed     X X
Safetye   X X X X
  1. aGender, date of birth, height (cm), weight (kg); bsmoking, diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency, chronic pulmonary impairment, immunosuppressive treatment, anemia, malignant disease, American Society of Anesthesiologists score, Mannheim Peritonitis Index [13], indication, surgical intervention; cclinical visit/telephone interview outcome assessment, ultrasound of abdominal wall (only visit 5); dassessed by the Short Form (36) Health Survey (visit 4: by telephone); eserious adverse events.