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Table 3 Some examples of missing and reported elements of interventions

From: Inadequate description of educational interventions in ongoing randomized controlled trials

Intervention's description Reported and missing elements
Title: “Arthritis Self-Management Education Program”
“Participants will receive two weeks, lay led, workshop focusing on goal setting, problem solving, and content specific to disease management.” [15] Reported elements: overall duration: two weeks
Missing elements:
mode of delivery, number, frequency, duration and content of sessions, care provider's qualification, standardization method
Title: Evaluation of an Online Fatigue Self-management Group Intervention for Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
“This 7-week intervention will follow the published protocol outlined in Managing Fatigue (Packer et al., 1995). Full participation requires 2 hours per week of online contribution. Each session is highly structured and includes an education session, practice activities, discussions and homework assignment. The topics include the importance of rest, communication and body mechanics, organizing work stations, setting priorities and standards, balancing schedules and setting goals. All teaching content, worksheets, and homework assignments are provided online. Also participants can share information, express their ideas or feelings and offer advice or support to one another. Facilitators administering the interventions will be qualified health professionals (occupational therapists, nurses or social workers) who have completed a 2-day training course.” [16] Reported elements: Content: quickly described but referenced
overall duration: six weeks
number: six sessions
frequency: weekly
duration of sessions: two hours
mode of delivery: online
standardization methods:
highly structured sessions
care provider's qualification: occupational therapists, nurses or social workers trained for two days
Missing elements: none