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Table 1 Schedule of measurements

From: Efficacy of a children’s procedural preparation and distraction device on healing in acute burn wound care procedures: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Outcome measures Waiting room Pre-DR DR Post-DR Consult New DA Post new DA 3 months post healing
Salivette® X    X     X
FLACC X X   X    X  
FPS-R X X   X    X  
VAS-A X X   X    X  
Heart rate X   X X   X X  
Oxygen saturation X    X    X  
Parent demographic questionnaire X        
CTSQ (1st COD only) X        X
LDI (1st COD only)     X     
Photos     X     
Visitrak™     X     
Time taken    X   X X   
Dressing used       X   
Parent satisfaction questionnaire        X  
Ditto™ Enjoyment Scale        X#  
  1. The outcome measures taken at each time point over the course of the study.
  2. X = measure taken, # = Ditto™ intervention group only. COD, change of dressing; CTSQ, Children Trauma Screening Questionnaire; DA, dressing application; DR, dressing removal; FLACC, Faces, Legs, Arms, Cry, Consolability; FPS-R, Faces Pain Scale-Revised; VAS-A, Visual Analog Scale–Anxiety; LDI, laser Doppler image.