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Table 3 Modular cognitive-behavioral group therapy for binge eating disorder a

From: INTERBED: internet-based guided self-help for overweight and obese patients with full or subsyndromal binge eating disorder. A multicenter randomized controlled trial

  Therapeutic goals Therapeutic interventions and techniques
Initial treatment phase (sessions 1 to 3) · Motivational enhancement · Psychoeducation
   · Self-monitoring of food intake
   · Development of an individual maintenance model
   · Goal-setting
   · Cognitive interventions for motivation
Intensive treatment phase (sessions 4 to 17) · Normalizing eating behavior Eating Behavior Module
  · Identification and modification of dysfunctional thoughts and schemata · Nutritional management
  · Acquisition of new skills · Hunger and satiety perception training
  · Establishment of regular physical activity · Cue exposure
   · Hedonics exercise
   · Cognitive interventions for negative schemata related to eating behavior
   Body Image Module
   · Body image diary
   · Body image exposure
   · Exposure to avoided body-related situations
   · Body hedonics exercise
   · Shaping of regular physical activity
   · Cognitive interventions for negative body-related schemata
   Stress Module
   · Stimulus and response control
   · Stress management techniques
   · Affect regulation techniques
   · Interpersonal problem-solving
   · Social competence training
   · Cognitive interventions for further relevant negative schemata
   · Exposure in case of further significant anxiety and avoidance
   · Homework and practice
   General techniques used in all modules
   · Psychoeducation
   · Self-monitoring
   · Goal-setting
   · Self-reinforcement
Self-management phase (sessions 18 to 20) · Patients become their own therapists · Development of realistic expectations concerning potential setbacks of binge eating
  · Maintaining progress in the future · Development of relapse prevention strategies
  · Relapse prevention  
  1. aFrom Hilbert and Tuschen-Caffier [28].