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Table 1 Modules of the internet based self help[20]

From: INTERBED: internet-based guided self-help for overweight and obese patients with full or subsyndromal binge eating disorder. A multicenter randomized controlled trial

Modules Key exercises/examples
Module 1: Preparing for change (motivation module) · Understanding the mechanisms that perpetuate the eating problem
  · Looking at self-esteem, mental attitude, and interpersonal relationships
  · Advantages and disadvantages of the current behavior
  · Imagining the future after successfully finishing the program
  · Conditions for change
Module 2: Observing yourself · My food diary
  · Food diary summary
  · Sabine’s day
  · Sabine’s food diary
Module 3: Understanding and trusting yourself · The possibility of eating for pleasure
  · Food- and emotion-related triggers for compulsive eating
Module 4: Finding your own rhythm (Goal: A healthy meal pattern) · Eating regularly and according to my own rhythm
  · Finding my own preferences
  · Giving yourself time
Module 5: Building up your strategies · How to prevent compulsive eating
  · Building my own strategy list
Module 6: Physical activities · How to get started?
  · What is an “activity break”?
Module 7: Identifying and solving your problems · Learning how to solve a problem in separate steps
Module 8: Self-assertion · Making a place for yourself in the world
  · Using new assertiveness techniques
Module 9: Handling your emotions · Automatic thoughts that trigger these emotions
Module 10: Changing the way you think · Becoming more aware of certain cognitive distortions
  · Changing automatic thoughts into realistic thoughts
  · Applying these techniques to thoughts concerning food and your figure
Module 11: Continuing on your way · Remembering what you have learned and preventing relapses
  · Using some tools in case of a misstep