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Table 1 Instruction protocol for using the PORTDA-diab and treatment cards

From: The effect of a patient-oriented treatment decision aid for risk factor management in patients with diabetes (PORTDA-diab): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Before the consultation
· Start PORTDA software and retrieve information for scheduled patients
· Check whether the relevant patient’s data are available and up-to-date; add or correct data when needed
· Print the information
During the consultation
· Start with open question on the patient’s opinion about the information
· Ask about emotions and/or cognitions related to the information
· Explore whether the patients already thought about consequences or goals
· Support patient in thinking about treatment goals and options
· Ask patient for preferences regarding risks to target (first) and options
· Explicit treatment options where needed, and use treatment cards when appropriate
· Do not force a decision but offer the option of a next consultation when needed
· Ask whether the patients has other matters to discuss
· Conclude with clear action points (who will do what)
· Give paper version of the personalised information to the patient