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Table 3 Process indicators

From: The Uganda Newborn Study (UNEST): an effectiveness study on improving newborn health and survival in rural Uganda through a community-based intervention linked to health facilities - study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Area Process indicators
Community Health Worker (CHW) competence and effectiveness • % of pregnant women seen by a CHW once
• % of pregnant women seen by a CHW twice
• % of mothers seen in first 24 hrs after birth
• % of newborns seen in first 24 hrs after birth
• % of all home births seen by a CHW twice in the first week
• quality of CHW records in terms of completeness and timeliness
• client satisfaction with CHW activities
• knowledge and skills of CHW on maternal and newborn care
• CHW satisfaction with home visiting activities
Health facility • health facility utilization for ANC, deliveries and newborn care
• % of babies managed according to IMNCI guidelines
• health workers’ knowledge and skills in managing pregnant and newly delivered women and sick newborns according to adapted maternal and newborn guidelines
• essential drugs and supplies availability/stock-outs
• health workers’ satisfaction
• number of planned joint meetings with CHWs held
• number of planned supervisory visits of CHWs conducted
Linkages between community and health facility • % of women with childbirth complications identified at home who reach a facility
• % of babies seen at home with danger signs who are referred reaching the facility
Sustainability • CHW retention and turnover
  1. ANC, antenatal care; IMNCI, Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness.