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Table 1 Patient outcome measures time points

From: Patient directed self management of pain (PaDSMaP) compared to treatment as usual following total knee replacement: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Patient outcomes Baseline Post-operative Day 1 Post-operative Day 2 Post-operative Day 3 or discharge, whichever is sooner Post-operative 6 weeks
Pain VAS x Breakfast, lunch, supper Breakfast, lunch, supper Breakfast, lunch, supper x
Pain VAS after mobilization   x x X  
Satisfaction with pain levels1 x x x X x
SIMS2     X x
EQ-5D x     x
OKS x     x
Time to mobilization   x x X  
Adverse events x x x X x
Medication usage3 x x x X x
Health resource use questionnaire x     x
Qualitative interviews*      x
  1. *Subsample of five patients from each group; 1Completed at lunchtime and at discharge; 2Completed at discharge; 3All medications in last 24 hours, including anaesthetic agents (except inhaled anaesthetics). VAS, visual analogue scale; SIMS, Satisfaction with Information about Medicines Scale; EQ-5D, EuroQoL EQ-5D questionnaire; OKS, Oxford Knee Score.