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Table 1 Indications for surgical revascularisation in heart failure.

From: Temporary epicardial cardiac resynchronisation versus conventional right ventricular pacing after cardiac surgery: study protocol for a randomised control trial

Indication Class Level
CABG is recommended for: I B
   • Significant left main stenosis   
   • Left main equivalent   
   • Proximal LAD stenosis, with 2 or 3 vessel disease   
LV aneurysmectomy during CABG is indicated in patients with a large LV aneurysm. I C
CABG should be considered in the presence of viable myocardium irrespective of LV end-systolic volumes. IIa B
CABG with ventricular reconstruction may be considered in patients with scarred LAD territory. IIb B
Revascularisation in the absence of myocardial viability is not recommended. III B