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Table 1 Outcome measures to be administered throughout the trial

From: Effect of electroacupuncture on opioid consumption in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain: protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Outcome measures Components measured Baseline Treatment period Follow-up period
   W1 W5 W10 W14 W18 W22 W26
Questionnaires to assess outcomes of the treatment
Diary Pain OM use non-OM use  W1 to W4
Beck Depression Inventory Mental status
SF-36v2 Quality of life  
Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire Functionality  
Short Opiate Withdrawal Scale Withdrawal symptoms  
Survey of patients’ attitude Changes of attitudes  
Chinese Medicine Chronic Pain Questionnaire Pain and non-pain signs and symptoms    
Questionnaires to assess credibility, expectancy and attitude to acupuncture or pain medications
Perception of EA treatment    (W6)      
Acupuncture Expectancy Scale    (W5)      
Knowledge of Acupuncture         
Pain Medication Questionnaire         
Elements of neuropathic pain
S-LANSS    (W5)      
  1. OM: opioid medication; EA: electroacupuncture; SF-36v2: 36-item Short-Form Health Survey version 2; S-LANSS: self-report Leeds Assessment of Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs; W: week.