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Table 1 Frequency and scope of study visits

From: Development of a clinical trial to determine whether watchful waiting is an acceptable alternative to surgical repair for patients with oligosymptomatic incisional hernia: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Visit Visit 1 (Screening) Visit 2 (Day of surgery) Visit 3 (1 month post OP) Visit 4 (6 months post OP) Visit 5 (12 months post OP) Visit 6 (18 months post OP) Visit 7 (24 months post OP)
Demographics and baseline clinical data X       
Inclusion/exclusion criteria X       
Randomization X       
Clinical examination X   X   X   X
Ultrasound X       X
Pain level (SPS, PDI) X    X X X X
Quality of life (SF-36) X    X X X X
Mental health (HADS-D) X       X
Patient satisfaction (Likert scale) X    X X X X
Surgical intervention   X      
Postoperative complications    X   X   X
AEs/SAEs   X X X X X X
Costs of treatment   X X X X X X