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Table 1 Helping HAND trial measures by assessment time point

From: Comparative effectiveness of post-discharge interventions for hospitalized smokers: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Measure Baseline Outcomes
   1 Month 3 Month 6 Month
Demographics X    
Smoking History X    
Nicotine dependence (FTND) X    
Depression symptoms (CES-D) X    
Alcohol use (AUDIT-C) X    
Smoking status X X X X
Non-cigarette tobacco use X X X X
Biochemical validationa    X X
Proxy validationb    X X
Smoking during index hospital stay   X   
Readiness to quit smoking   X   
Confidence in ability to quit or stay quit   X   
Smoking cessation medication used   X X X
Smoking cessation counseling used   X X X
Healthcare utilization     
 Hospital admission   X X X
 Emergency room visit   X X X
Satisfaction with IVRc   X   
  1. aRequested from self-reported nonsmokers only. Saliva cotinine requested by mail, unless participant is using nicotine replacement, in which case a visit for measurement of expired air CO is requested. bObtained from all participants, regardless of self-reported smoking status at outcome assessment. cIf the participant was not reached for the one-month follow-up, these questions were asked at the first follow-up for which the participant was reached. AUDIT-C, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test – Consumption; CES-d, Center for Epidemiological Studies 8-item Depression Scale; FTND, Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence; IVR, Interactive Voice Response.