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Table 3 Data collection for cost effectiveness analysis

From: Web-based smoking cessation intervention that transitions from inpatient to outpatient: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Costa Tier Data item Description Valuation
Cost of usual care 1 LHC staff time LHC staff time spent at bedside Average time per patient
  1 Hospital nurse time Time spent by assigned nurse assembling discharge packet (containing usual care) Average time per patient
  1 Materials Cost of printing Actual costs
Cost of intervention 1 Hospital Quit Staff training Time of trainers and trainees, materials, and so on Study records
  1 Hospital Quit Staff time Time spent on each patient in preparation, implementation, and documentation of website registration/orientation and 7-14 days post-discharge follow-up call Average time per patientWeb tracking
  1 Quit Advisor time Time spent on each patient in preparation, implementation, and documentation of responses to patient-generated messages Average time per message
  1 Patient materials Brochures, booklets, and so on Study records
  1 Web site implementation (not development) (To be determined, though may contain maintenance, servers, programming, content updating, emailing, and so on) Study records
  1 Time of participant on website Time recorded on website per personal login; number, frequency, and content of messaging to Quit Advisor through the Decide2Quit website Website tracking
     0 3 6 12
Healthcare-related costs 2 Health care utilization Hospitalizations, outpatient visits, procedures, Emergency Room visits (last 6 months) (No/Yes - # times) X   X X
  2 Time cost related to care Time (hours) off work for participant and others who accompany participant to visits X   X X
    Gender-age group average wages for the state Bureau of Labor Statistics
  2 Out-of-pocket (OOP) costs Copayments, deductibles, transportation, parking, meals, and so on (including caregivers, when applicable) (last 6 months) X   X X
  2 Costs to health care payers Reimbursements to health care payers according to type of care Hospital bills / Medicare reimbursements
  2 Medicines Copayments, deductibles, OOP costs (last 6 months) X   X X
    Wholesale price for health care payers Red Book
Smoking cessation products / programs costs 3 OOP costs Co-payments, and so on. (last 6 months) X   X X
  2 Reimbursements Reimbursements for health care payers TBD
Quality of life 2 EQ-5D-5L[26]   X   X X
  3 SF-12   X   X X
  1. aAll costs will be expressed in the same year of currency.