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Table 2 General assessments and time-points

From: Web-based smoking cessation intervention that transitions from inpatient to outpatient: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Tiera Measure Details Month
    0b 3 6 12
1 Demographicsc Age, length of stay, insurance, height, weight, ICD-9 codes, DRGs, Procedure codes, admission type, discharge ‘to’ plan, race, ethnicity, gender, education, marital status, other household smokers, X    
1 Smoking status Self-reported - last 7 days   X X X
1 Smoking status Self-reported - last 30 days X X X X
3 Smoking status Prolonged abstinence (multiple point prevalence)   X X X
1 Quit plan Post-hospital plans regarding quitting X    
1 Other tobacco use Other than cigarettes-last 30 days X X X X
2 Tobacco dependence Heavy Smoking Index (2 questions) X X X X
2 Tobacco cessation treatments Behavioral and pharmacologic treatments, dose/frequency, length of use X   X X
3 Pack-history Lifetime X    
3 Longest abstinent period Lifetime at 0 months; past year at 12 months X    X
1/3 Satisfaction Satisfaction with smoking cessation help   X   
3 Quit attempts Past year (over 24 h abstinent) X   X X
3 Social support Perceived support from significant others to quit/abstain X   X X
3 Internet and e-mail use Frequency and type of use X    
1 Self-efficacy for abstinence Single question X   X X
3 Self-efficacy for abstinence SEQ12 X   X  
2 Alcohol use Audit-C X   X X
2 Depressive symptomology PHQ-2 X   X X
2 Saliva cotinine, exhaled CO, surrogate corroborationd Validate 7-day smoking status    X  
  1. aTier 1 = common to all CHART trials, Tier 2 = common among some CHART sites, Tier 3 = this site only.
  2. bMonth 0 = Baseline.
  3. cSome data collected after hospital discharge from electronic medical records and discharge summaries.
  4. dRandomly selected sample of past-7-days smokers and all past-7-days non-smokers.