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Table 2 Reflection interview responses: positive and negative aspects of study participation reported by participants

From: Long-term dietary intervention trials: critical issues and challenges

Aspect of study Total number of responsesa
 Eating dairy 17
 Meeting new people (researchers) 9
 Health assessment/observing any changes in health 7
 Trying something new in diet 5
 Visits to the centre 4
 Feel like helping 2
 More aware of physical activity 2
 Becoming more aware of own diet 1
 Cognitive testing (interesting/enjoyable) 1
 Weight loss 1
 Budget (free dairy food) 1
 Coming to centre for dairy collections/traffic/parking 17
 Eating the dairy 9
 Monitoring/adjusting diet/having to plan meals 5
 Reducing dairy intake in low dairy condition 5
 Time off work/time commitment 4
 Blood-taking 2
 Fasting 2
 Weight gain 1
 Weighing food 1
  1. Positive and negative aspects of study participation as reported by participants at the completion of the high dairy dietary phase (n = 37). aQuestions were open-ended, allowing for multiple responses from each individual.