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Table 4 Thematic description of personal conflicts of interest situations

From: Investigator experiences with financial conflicts of interest in clinical trials

Financial Conflict of Interest

Experienced by Investigators

Witnessed in Colleagues Research


Number (%)

(N = 85)

Examples from Free Text Comments

Number (%)

(N = 236)

Examples from Free Text Comments


28 (33)

Pressure to recruit patients

31 (13)

Investigators receive direct benefit from enrolling patients

Study conduct

20 (24)

Being asked to have a paper ghost-written

37 (16)

Review focusing on trials with positive result

Personal financial incentives

9 (11)

Possible financial gain by success of a drug/study

56 (24)

Equity holding in a company whose product is being investigated

Conflicting roles

6 (7)

Invented and patented devices and involved in their study

19 (8)

Being the site principal investigator and the patient's physician