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Table 1 Procedure agreed upon for the selection of acupuncture points*

From: Effects of acupuncture on patients with fibromyalgia: study protocol of a multicentre randomized controlled trial

Basic syndrome Supine Prone  
   Liver-Spleen disharmony LI4 ↓ BL18 ↓  
  PC6 ↓ BL20 ↑  
  SP6 ↑ SP6 ↑  
  LR3 ↓ GB34 →  
Associated syndrome    Left/Right
   Yin Deficiency and Empty Heat Add KI6 Add BL23  
   Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency Add ST36 Add BL23  
   Kidney Yin and Yang Deficiency Add CV6 Add 52V  
   Rising Liver Fire Replace LR3 with LR2 Replace BL18 with LR2  
   Phlegm Add ST40
Add BL21  
   Wet Heat Add SP9 Add LI11  
Stomach and intestines Add ST25 Add BL25 or BL21  
Bladder Add CV3 Add BL28  
Genitals Add CV2 Add BL31  
Associated pruritis Add LR5   
   Blood Stasis Add SP10 Add BL17  
Additional symptoms    
   Anxiety Yintang   
   Depression GV20   
   Severe asthenia ST36
   Irritability PC6   
   Insomnia HT7   
   Chest tightness CV17
   Inhibited sexual desire GV4   
   Nicturia BL52   
   Pollakisuria CV3   
   Mushy stool SP9   
   Night sweats HT6   
   Severe generalised pain SP21   
   Occipital headache GB20   
   Vertex headache GV20   
   Temporoparietal headache Taiyang   
   Neck pain GB20
   Back pain SI12   
   Brachialgia LI10   
   Lumbalgia BL23
   Pain in the hip/trochanter GB30
  1. *: Standard acupuncture points for treatment of these symptoms [31]