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Table 1 Overview of outcome measures

From: The cameroon mobile phone sms (CAMPS) trial: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial of mobile phone text messaging versus usual care for improving adherence to highly active anti-retroviral therapy

Outcome measures Scale Type Measure Analysis method
Adherence at 6 months*     
   VAS Ordinal Binary VAS percentage >95% Chi-squared test
   Self report Ordinal Binary % adherence in last month > 95% Chi-squared test
   PRD Ordinal Binary % of complete refills >95% Chi-squared test
   Weight Ratio Continuous Change in weight T-test
   BMI Ratio Continuous Change in BMI T-test
   OI Nominal Binary Occurrence of new OI Chi-squared test
   Mortality Nominal Binary All deaths Chi-squared test
   Retention Nominal Binary Number retained in care Chi-squared test
   CD4 count Ratio Continuous Change in CD4 count T-test
   Viral load Ratio Continuous Change in viral load T-test
   Satisfaction with care Ordinal Categorical Change in satisfaction scores T-test
   QoL Ordinal Categorical Change in QoL scores T-test
  1. VAS: visual analogue scale, PRD: pharmacy refill data, BMI, body mass index, OI: opportunistic infection, CD4: Cluster Designation 4, QoL: Quality of Life.
  2. * All three measures of adherence will also be analyzed as continuous outcomes using T-test